Screenplay by HD

This script is loaded with action, suspense, humor and romance and has done extremely well in screenplay competition.

Michael Paul is a famous twenty-five year old pop star who collapses on stage from a drug overdose.

His agents arrange to have him kidnapped and flown to the remote Hawaiian Island for radical drug rehabilitation.

He wakes up in a grass hut nude and tied to a bed  where he meets his rehab counselor  Mei Lea an ex-S.W.A.T police officer and her huge German Shepherd.  She’s in top physical condition and knows how to deal with his special needs and his unruly attitude.

Then he's kidnapped by the Mob. She goes urban on a rescue mission, and then she's murdered. Now he's forced to survive, and to learn the true meaning of love and friendship.

  • This script has an incredible story-line with intense twists.