Screenplay by Robert C. Johnson


LAPD narcotic detective JACK HAWKE, a devoted and protective family man, is married to CHRIS, a delicate knuckling-busting Latina from the East Los Angeles barrio. Their son, JACK JUNIOR, "J.J." (11), is a great kid.

Jack's decisions have unexpected consequences that effect the lives and deaths of many people. He realizes he's his own worst enemy, yet pushes himself to the edge and sometimes BEYOND THE BADGE.

Jack's partner, STU LANE, his wife, JANET, and son, ARTHUR, (11), African Americans, are the Hawke's family best friends.

Jack and Stu, assigned to arrest small dealers and addicts in the notorious Watts area, secretly go beyond authorized investigative boundaries in a quest to destroy a heroin/cocaine empire led by a ruthless killer/ex-convict, DERICK STROM, African American, the LORD, and his Caucasian wife, Doctor CLARA DIXON.

Stu's killed during a raid on one of Strom's dealers. Jack, overwhelmed with guilt, vows vengeance against the Lord and his disciples and will "SNAP THEIR STICK!"
Jack and his new partner, VIC SAUNDERS, African American, have adjustment problems and establish a brotherly relationship.

Jack discovers Strom's deadly violence has spilled across L.A. in a battle to control narcotics, and ask the remaining zany squad to join the secret conspiracy.

The deadly war takes it's toll as Jack and Vic try to stay alive. As they sometimes "stumble," they provide hope and a unique understanding in a tempestuous relationship with hookers, jukies and narcotic dealers .

Jack doubts his new boss, Lieutenant TERRY BURNETT, has the "gonads" to be assigned to Narcotics Division and is determined to "test" Terry to see if he is a street cop or a "desk squint."

During a violent raid on one of the Lord's dealers, Terry passes the "test" and joins the secret conspiracy to destroy the Lord.

The war escalates. After killing Strom's half-brother on a narcotic lab raid, Captain KENNEDY learns of the conspiracy to destroy Strom and his Mexico connection, MANDO MONTOYA, and backs "Burnett's Bombers."

The Hawke and Lane families continue their close relationship. Vic, a ladies man, falls in love with Janet and bonds with Arthur.

Jack and Vic infiltrate Strom's organization. The fierce war goes Mano-tu-Mano when Jack and Strom collide in a BBQ rib joint. Jack accuses Strom of killing Stu. Strom denies involvement in the murder. STROM - "I wern't there." JACK - "And I won't be there when I murder you."

The hunters become the hunted after Jack and Vic kill Strom's cousin and his wife during a terrifying and explosive raid. Strom hires a sadistic killer, ALVIN THORES, the "Rat."

The Rat stalks Jack and his family. He attacks Chris in her bed as Jack unexpectedly returns home drunk. As Jack is about to die in a vicious fight, his son courageously joins in and the Rat's killed.

Jack, Vic and the "squad" counter attack the elusive Lord and his gang. Search warrants are obtained. Strom's arrest and conviction hinges on his possession of narcotics, which he will have for only a few minutes.

MURPHY'S LAW's in its bloody glory when arrests are made. Millions of dollars in narcotics, money and evidence is seized. Strom, his wife and the gang are jailed. Strom's attorney posts everyone's bail.

Strom will stop at nothing to destoy Jack, his family, and Vic. The war escalates. Strom's manservant, a new informant, tells Jack and Vic of a second assassination plot: the hit man, LEON HOLIDAY, Strom's main executioner when they were incarcerated in Folsom Prison.

"Burnett's Bombers" relentlessly attack and develop additional information on the Mexico connection, MANDO MONTOYA. While on a San Diego week-end family vacation, Jack convinces Chris to let him check out a shoe store, a front for Montoya's drug operations.

SAUNDRA SHIELDS, Strom's girlfriend and Jack's double-crossing informant, leaves the store with shopping bags containing narcotics valued in the millions. Jack tries to arrest Shields. Chris saves his life.

Montoya's arrested by Jack, Vic and Jack's high school buddy, WALKER YARNELL, a San Diego U.S. Custom agent who was helping on the case. Narcotics valued in millions are seized.

Montoya thinks Jack and Vic are feds, hopes to strike a deal, and confesses selling explosives to Holiday, who's going to kill two L.A. cops named Hawke and Saunders, Hawke's family, and blow up the L.A. Hall of Justice, as Strom believes, "No witnesses, no evidence, no trial."

Montoya testifies at a bail revocation hearing that he doesn't know Strom or anything about explosives. Telephone records from San Diego, L.A. and Tijuana, Mexico, and Montoya's tape recorded confession prove otherwise.

Strom and the gang are remanded into custody pending the trial's outcome. Montoya returns to San Diego for federal prosecution, posts bail and flees to Mexico.

Violence on a week-end night erupts on two fronts. Holiday stalks Vic to a Hollywood bar and Vic kills him in the parking lot.

At the same time, Montoya and three henchmen murder Captain TACHO MORALAS, a Mexican federal police officer, and his female informant who supplied information from the Tijuana Telephone Company. Their tortured bodies are found in the surf on a lonely beach outside of Tijuana, Mexico.

Strom, convicted and incarcerated in Folsom Prison, leans on a third level catwalk railing and watches WILLIE SLATE, the destroyed organization's second in command, pace the catwalk on the opposite side of the chasm. Three Mexican inmates grab Slate and shove a shank into his stomach.

Two Mexican inmates come up behind Strom. "Senior Montoya sends his warmest regards. Adios." They fling him over the railing. A moment before impact, Strom hears Jack's voice - "I won't be there when I murder you."

Jack takes a short vacation to Baja, Mexico, but his search for Montoya is futile. Shortly thereafter, a wrecked limousine's discovered at the base of a seaside cliff. A Mexican Federal police sergeant gazes into the backseat at Montoya's three henchmen's bodies with a broken stick shoved into their mouth.

A CAPTAIN smiles at the trunk's contents. Montoya's wrists have handcuff marks and a broken stick is shoved into his mouth. Captain - "Obviously, they chose to travel a very dangerous road. Terrible accidents like this happen if one is not careful. I will make the proper reports and console his lovely widow, Senora Montoya."

Senora Montoya (actual cartel leader) and the Mexican captain enjoy poolside drinks at her mansion as Mexican female inmates brutally murder Doctor Clara Dixon (the Lord's wife/actual gang leader).

Vic and Janet marry at the L.A. Police Academy rock garden. Jack's best man. Chris is matron of honor. The boys, J.J. and Arthur, Burnett, the "squad," several ex informants and two crazy patrol officers are in attendance.

Jack's transformed into a better man and learned many lessons during the terrifying journey BEYOND THE BADGE.