How to Order Hard Copies or Screenplays via the Internet


To order hard copies of screenplays or screenplay files via the Internet  you must meet one of the following requirements.

  • You have an affiliation with a reputable production company, movie company or investment group and your intentions when ordering a screenplay is to consider PRODUCING or FINANCING the project.


  • You have contacted We Write Movies and inquired about becoming an investor or a participant in the production of a screenplay.  Contact  Robert C. Johnson, Dream Catcher Entertainment at:  (208) 772-9838  for more information.


Note: All information will be verified prior to the shipping of any screenplay. 


If you meet one of the above requirements we will pay all shipping and handling charges. You are under no obligation when ordering or receiving screenplays.


We are currently shipping screenplays ONLY  within the continental United States unless otherwise arranged.


  • Please use the below "Feedback"  form to contact We Write Movies.