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Robert Johnson retired from the Los Angeles Police Department after 22 years of service  with a criminal justice degree. 
As a Detective, he was undercover for five years in the Narcotic Division Major Violator Section,  and supervised a Robbery  &  Homicide Special Investigative Team.

After retiring from Law Enforcement he moved to North Idaho and became a private investigator.  He investigated insurance company criminal cases covering eight states and Mexico.

One of his passions is writing feature screenplays,  producing feature films and television productions.  He has worked on over twenty films in the Pacifc Northwest.

As Dream Catcher Entertainment's principal  he develops scripts  for Public Service Announcements and short films.  He has also acted in several North Idaho productions and provides production services to local film and video companies.
He is an active Member of  Idaho Screenwriters  Association,  and  Kootenai North Idaho Film & Video Society  know as   " KNIFVES, "  and instructs the Special Interest Screenwriter Group.  Four members of KNIFVES  have won Oscar's.  Many of the KNIFVES  members are Hollywood film professionals.

KNIFVES  goal is to bring film makers to our area, and train people in all aspects of film making to build a production base of qualified persons who can work and live in North Idaho, Washington and Montana.

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John Casino's extensive background in over 100 feature films and television productions extends over 26 years as a 2nd. unit director, stunt coordinator, stuntman and actor.

John's worked closely with most of the accomplished actors, producers, directors and studios such as Buenavista, Carolco, Dreamworks, MGM, Miramax, Renaissance, Warner Brother, Martha Delaurentis, James Cameron, John Carpenter, Ron Howard, Steven Soderbergh, Steven Spielberg, John Travolta, Kurt Russell and Sylvester Stallone.  John  has worked as Kurt Russell's stunt double for over 25 years.

John just worked on soon-to-be released  "Hunger Games: Catching Fire"  as actor  " Woof "  directed by  Francis Lawrence (II).


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